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    As a rule, women have more Kūno riebalai than men. Most health care providers agree that men with kūno matavimo vadovas svorio metimui than 25 percent Kūno riebalai and women with more than 30 percent Kūno riebalai are obese. However, these methods are not practical for the average person, and are done only in research centers with special equipment.

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    Storis poodinių riebalų Yra paprastesnių metodų įvertis Kūno riebalai. One is to measure the thickness of the layer of fat just under the skin sub cutaneous in several parts of the body.

    kūno matavimo vadovas svorio metimui

    This method is commonly used at health clubs and commercial svorio netekimas programos. Results from this method, however, can be inaccurate if done by an inexperienced person or on someone with severe obesity. Svoris aukščio stalai Kadangi matuojant asmens Kūno kūno matavimo vadovas svorio metimui is difficult; health care providers often rely on other means to diagnose obesity.

    Svoris-už-aukščio stalai, which have been used for decades, usually have a range of acceptable weights for a person of a given height. One problem with these tables is that there are many versions, all with different weight ranges. Another problem is that they do not distinguish between excess fat and muscle. A very muscular person may appear obese, according to the tables, when he or she is not. Depending on the specific values or range of KMI scale or measurements, a person can be individually yet easily classified as overweight, obese or of normal weight.

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    Obese: A person with a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese. However, like the weight-to-height table, KMI does not show the difference between excess fat and muscle.

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    KMI, however, is closely associated with measures of body fat. It also predicts the development of health problems related to excess weight. Last but not least, measuring the extent of your obesity or body weight is the first calculated step towards achieving and maintaining an ideal weight and smart body.

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